Payday 2 is a co-operative first-person shooter focusing on replayability. In the game you and your crew take on various jobs of a criminal nature, such as robing banks or rigging an election. I worked as a Level Designer on the game for a little over 3 years. We were only two Level Designers who worked on the game from start to release, with a third joining in a bit later and another at the end. After release the company expanded and the level team grew considerably since there was great demand for more levels.

The Level Design was very complex, a level needed to be able to transition from stealth to combat at any point and the levels were going to be played many many times meaning things needed to be randomized. That said, as a Level Designer it was a very fun game to work on.

Base Game

Bank Heist

This is one of the most played levels in the game. It is a quite compact level as I found that to work well with the combat. The level originally only existed as the third day of Firestarter but was made its own heist with a slightly different mission.


This was one of the first heists we made, setting the tone for the other heists. I worked on Day 2, the docks. It is a more straight forward level as it doesn’t feature any stealth.

Big Oil

I worked on both days in this heist. I later remade the entire layout of the first day as I thought it could be much better. This is one of the more difficult heists in the game.


I worked on Day 2 and 3, where the third is the same base level as Bank Heist. Day 2 is a stealth focused level but I always loved the combat as I was quite pleased with how some parts of the layout turned out.

Framing Frame

I worked on Day 1 which was mainly a stealth level. The level showed us that stealth could work well in coop if you design it right. The level featured skylights which allowed any player that didn’t feel confident enough to go up on the roof and help the team out by spotting guards.


Diamond Store

This was a free DLC that one of the Level Artist made the layout for and I later took over to do the scripting and get it out the door. A fairly forgotten heist, a more complex version of the existing Jewelry Store heist.

Armored Transport

This was the first DLC we released and it consisted of 5 short levels and a bonus level. This is the DLC I was the least happy with because the quality of the levels didn’t match the time it took to make them. They where suppose to be made very fast end efficiently. I made Crossroads from start to finish and  was in charge of the scripting for the others (except the bonus level).

Safe House Nightmare

This special heist was made and released in only 3 days. This was an insane feat since normally a level took at least 1-2 months just to script.

GO Bank

We got the bank level from CS:GO and turned it into a heist. For a normal player this might seem like it should be a simple button press, but the heist was very complicated and at the time it probably had the most complicated script of all the levels(Later to be outdone by the Big Bank).

The Big Bank

This was my masterpiece. It had the longest production of any of the heist taking about 6 months from start to release. It implemented a new feature called Pre-planning where you get to choose your plan before starting the heist. It was heavily randomized and could take up to an hour to complete. The level became so large and the script so big that the editor constantly ran out of memory nearing completion of the level, we where really pushing the limits. It was very well received.

Hoxton Breakout

I made Day 1 which was going hand in hand with the trailer making it a tough challenge for a Level Designer. However the concept of the level is solid, the players have to push forwards through the streets making it different from most other heists where you are mostly defending/assaulting a set location.


During my time at Overkill/Starbreeze I also implemented many features such as Pre-planning, day and night randomization etc. and even did some other minor things like make a few mask patterns. Before I left I was in charge of the majority of the levels in the game, taking over all the levels of the base game. I learned a lot and grew not just as a Level Designer but as a Game Designer.


This is a free Portal 2 mod that I released on the Steam Workshop. It is the highest rated level of over 600 000 levels and has been played by over 500 000 people. It consists of 12 puzzles, hence the name(also from the movie 12 Angry Men), spread over 6 parts with one intro level that I added just before release to have a bit of story.

Before I made this I had only made levels for the cheer enjoyment and they where never meant to be played by anyone other than myself. However it was time for me to get into the games industry so I needed something to show of my skill. Little did I know Valve would release the Portal 2 Workshop and my mod would be a big success. I am very pleased with the results, the only major thing I would want to change is to add more narrative, however I made that choice deliberately since I needed to be realistic about my project and had I made it any bigger I would probably not have finished it.

You can download it here or you can watch someone play it on Youtube as shown below: